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Science Club!

Ages: 8- 17 year olds

Join our weekly conversation and explore our wonderful Universe! Let's explore other planets, the galaxy, build a working volcano, launch rockets, get sucked into black holes, and travel through a wormhole! Discuss why lightening strikes, why do magnets repel and attract, is gravity stronger at sea level, and create a living terrarium! There is so much to do in this class, and your young scientist will fall in love every week with the way our universe works. Here are some examples of things that we explore:

  • Grow an Avocado Tree!

  • Learn which planets rain diamonds and why! 

  • Create Your Own Invisible Ink!

  • Learn about black holes!

  • Let's talk about time travel!

  • Build a marshmallow catapult!

  • Let's talk about animals!

  • Create Glow in the Dark Slime!

  • Make Your Own Terrarium! 

  • Let's Build a Bridge! 

  • The Dancing Raisins Experiment!

  • Let's Make a Rocket!


This class helps build confidence, social skills, love for exploration, and sharing! A live interaction and trivia where the topics change weekly. We discuss all things related to science, and occasionally your little one gets to build or create their own experiment! Hands on learning helps to keep your child engaged and creates an open-mindset, where your child can learn how to hypothesize and see real results. A week in advance, we send out the upcoming class list of supplies that you will need and any instructions. 

The main purpose of this class is to have fun, learn, and connect with peers! While I guide the class with structure, the students engage in the topics presented and analyze any pictures and videos presented along with the information. This also enhances social skills and paves the way for communication skills! Topics rotate weekly and are posted in advance.

Everyone gets a chance to talk and share their theories/ideas. This class lasts 40 minutes per week, is paid in advance monthly, and is expected to fill up fast! 

Class Rules

  • Be kind and respectful to everyone, even if you disagree

  • No foul or combative language allowed

  • Focus on what you have in common and what you love

  • It's okay to be different and disagree, but please do so respectfully

  • Let's share turns! Give others a chance to talk

  • Above all else, HAVE FUN! This is a space where we celebrate our love for all things Science! 

  • $55 charged monthly
  • Meets 1x per week
  • Runs week after week
  • 40 minutes per class
  • Cancel Anytime
Scan the QR Code and send payment for this class! In the information section, just put the class name*, the age of your child, and your Skype name, then press PAY!

*If you want to pay for multiple classes at once, follow the above directions and specify the classes you wish to enroll in! 
Every Thursday, 4:30pm MST
This Week: This Thursday, we create pirate ships! your supplies have already been sent out and will arrive soon! I cannot wait to see you! Keep Exploring, young scientists - Xavia
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