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Meeting Xavia

My Story

Well hello there! My name is Aurélia Xavia Zenith, and I LOVE everything magical! I've been teaching classes and public speaking for over 20 years. I have always had a fascination for all things learning, and love sharing and exploring ideas! Some things about me: I love dogs and cats, I adore jumping spiders, chinchillas are fascinating, and if I could, I'd have a niffler. I love doing triathlons, hiking, camping, reading, swimming, and eating (the last one I excel at). I love my children more than air, and love to hear them laugh! Along my journey, I have accumulated physics and psychology degrees from CMC and University Colorado Boulder.


In addition to being a public speaker and teacher, I decided to create this space for all to enjoy and discuss their favorite movies, hobbies, and passions! My favorites are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars (not necessarily in that order). I have two children, a boy (15/Hufflepuff) and a girl (11/Ravenclaw), who join me in the classes sometimes and who both LOVE all things Harry Potter! I have been sorted into the Gryffindor house 9x!! But did you know that I like to identify as Hufflepuff? That's my favorite house. 


My daughter loves Nancy Drew, and you will see a book club dedicated to discussing her mysteries. My son also loves Star Wars and Pokémon, so we have classes in both genres. Together, we've created classes that you can build and put together so that you can connect with like-minded peers who also enjoy magic as much as you do! My goal is to generate positivity and create something beautiful together! Everyone gets a turn to speak, if they want to, and we learn to respectfully listen to others' opinions. I hope to see you soon! Bring your magic! - Xavia

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