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Everything Star Wars! 

Star Wars lovers, Unite! Let's talk about every Star Wars movie ever made, including Star Wars Rebels, Andor, The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Star Wars Resistance, and more! Plots, theories, conspiracies, debates, and speculation abound. Here are just a few things we will discuss:

  • What if Anakin would have gone along with Mace Windu? 

  • Is Jar Jar an actual Sith Lord?

  • Were the Jedi Order evil? 

  • Who is the strongest Jedi?

  • Would you be a Sith, Jedi, or the Grey?

  • Is Grogu related to Yoda?

  • What will become of Grogu?

  • Which color lightsaber is the strongest? And which color would you choose? Why?

Bring your own theories and thoughts! Everyone gets a chance to talk and share their ideas! This class lasts about 40 minutes per week. All movies, books, series, etc. are discussed in great length and speculated in detail. Please let us know if you are attending class and have not seen the latest series, as there may be spoiler alerts. All movies and scenes will come up and potentially discussed in detail.

Class Rules

  • Be kind and respectful to each other, even if you disagree

  • Allow others to have an opinion! Everyone is different, and we all have different backgrounds. It's okay if someone respectfully has another way of seeing things

  • No foul or combative language allowed. Foul and/or combative language, including excluding others, ignoring others, and/or unkindness of any kind is immediate grounds for dismissal

  • Strive to include! Everyone wants to be heard, and this is supposed to be a safe space that allows all to fumble forward with grace and ease

  • Focus on what you have in common and what you love!

  • Let's share turns! Give others a chance to talk

  • Above all else, HAVE FUN! This is a great way to make friends and celebrate our love of Star Wars!  

To sign up for this class, go to CONTACT & ENROLL above,

or scan the QR CODE and follow the directions. See you soon! 

  • $35 charged weekly
  • Meets 1x per week
  • Runs week after week
  • 40 minutes per class
  • Cancel Anytime

Scan the QR Code and send payment for this class! In the information section, just put the class name*, your Skype name, your name, and then press PAY!


*If you want to pay for multiple classes at once, follow the above directions and specify the classes you wish to enroll in! 

Join us for this class every Monday at 3:45pm MST
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