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Pokémon Battles!

Ages: 8-15 year olds

Play Pokémon Battles online live with friends and see who walks away victorious! Join our weekly group of Pokémon lovers to discuss all things Pokémon and challenge each other to a duel. The Rules: I have the main Pokémon deck of cards and each player collects up to 3 each (which will be shared in class). Turn by turn, two players may have a go in challenging each other into the ultimate arena: The Pokémon Stadium! There are three rounds in the Stadium and each trainer may only have one active Pokémon at a time. If your opponent doesn't have anymore Pokémon in play, you win the game! We loosely follow the Pokémon Trading Card rules and use it as a guide for this class. Below is a link to the rulebook. Click on the Pokémon Ball below for the rulebook to open.

The main purpose of this class is to have fun and connect with peers. While I guide the class with structure, the students engage each other in the Stadium and learn respect, how to win and lose with grace and honor, and strategy. This also enhances social skills and helps with self-control!

Everyone gets a chance in the Stadium where we take turns each week. This class lasts 30 minutes per week.

Class Rules

  • Be kind and respectful to everyone, even if you disagree

  • No foul or combative language allowed

  • Focus on what you have in common and what you love

  • It's okay to be different and disagree, but please do so respectfully

  • Let's share turns! Give others a chance to talk

  • Above all else, HAVE FUN! This is a space where we celebrate our love for all things Pokémon! 

  • $16 charged weekly
  • Meets 1x per week
  • Runs week after week
  • 30 minutes per class
  • Cancel Anytime
Click on the Pokémon Ball to be taken to the rulebook!
Scan the QR Code and send payment for this class! In the information section, just put the class name*, the age of your child, and your Skype name, then press PAY!

*If you want to pay for multiple classes at once, follow the above directions and specify the classes you wish to enroll in! 
Every Saturday, 4:30pm MST
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